Digital and Platform Strategy-Product and Data Roadmaps

Help align digital and technology strategy to consumer and business needs. Effectively integrate technology as an enabler of transformation needs. Solution architecture and design in service of the business problem - as-is to-be architectures.

Build product roadmaps in the context of the business needs. Help build a data strategy, stewardship, and governance framework aligned with privacy and compliance needs. Rapid Prototyping and Execution Technology development and execution as well as be-spoke delivery oversight to client and partner teams. Build rapid prototypes for proof of concepts, business case development, pitch process through ad-hoc and retained prototyping teams

One Stop Development Solutions QA Manual, Automation, Adobe AEM CMS, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Experience Management Platform, Web Development, QA Manual, QA Automation, Full stack, .Net, Java team with Solution Archtiects

Managed Cloud Support

Let us manage your Cloud Infrastructure so you can concentrate on your business.

Cloud Migration/Enablement

Transform your legacy infrastructure into something that is new age and offer all the benefits that come from Cloud.

Data Center Management

Give us the headace to manage and maintain your data centers. We will manage everything from servers to electricity and air conditioning.

Managed Monitoring

Monitoring as a service. We will monitor everything in your cloud or lagacy data center and provide you reports bounded with SLA.

DevOps Implementation/Support

DevOps uses automation techniques to increase collaboration across development and operations, enabling faster, more predictable and more frequent deployments to market.

Security Assessment

Security is not last but first to think.

Our Values

Solution Delivery Full blown delivery engagements from solution architecture through prototyping and actual project execution and delivery, catered specifically for each client need.

Collaborative and Co-Creative

We work closely with you with insights on emerging trends as well as providing blueprints (process, operations, cases, tools to name a few) that will help you deliver on your transformation agenda in innovative ways that create both business

Innovators and Technologists

We are innovators and digital technologists at heart. .We are leaders in digital strategy, martech/adtech technology, solution architecture, content, and marketing ecosystems. We go above and beyond to help innovate towards highly value-added outcomes. Our temerity allows us to always be thinking one step ahead.

Product Thinkers

We champion product thinking in our services. We encourage a customer-centric approach, connecting teams and stakeholders towards a common goal along with lean delivery capabilities in a bid to continually grow the value by better meeting the needs of your customer.

Outside-In, Inside-Out

We are value creators. We seek to understand customer needs (strategic, convergent), understand existing capabilities (tactical, divergent) to provide a holistic perspective (strategically tactical and tactically strategic) on transformation needs.

Think beyond ourselves

We want to believe that work is beyond ourselves. We are listeners first and relentlessly advocate for diverse perspectives. We are thankful for our customers, our team and are self-reflective and introspective. We aim to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Transparent and Constantly Learning

Transparency is a part of our DNA. We seek continual feedback and improvement. We are biased towards action. We strive to be all-in, fully engaged in all what we do. We use authenticity, honesty, share early and often, as tools to help us deliver our best work




React Native



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Our Few Projects

Social and Emergency App

Complete social networking app like FB / Instagram along with Emergency features.

  • Ask help for emergency issue for home, work and while traveling , and ensuring that your whole family reviews them regularly
  • Raise social and private issue among friends.
  • Ask for paid and volunteer help in case of any emergency or for normal work

Stock Master

Invoycr is a Mobile and Web based stock management system that full fill the needs of small and all type of vendors. Invoycr Stock management is the process of overseeing the flow of items into and out of your inventory. A well-functioning stock management system keeps stock costs under control and helps to achieve positive cash flow.

Ensuring the right stock is at the right place, at the right time is critical to manage supply chain volatility. Invoycr app can streamline operations by consolidating sales information, and giving employees access to current and reliable inventory data.


Timbuctu is the travel app that allows users to take the advantage of location-based sharing. It aims at enhancing the interaction with the followers through photos and videos.


Surfboard is the easiest way to see what's going on around you! Discover people, events, and so much more in your area! Share your awesome videos with other Surfers in a 1-15 mile radius! Discover. Share. Surf.


Talk2All is a chat application that aims at breaking the language barrier. It takes care of language translations for both voice and text while the users simply express themselves in the language they are comfortable with.


MyL!VE App™ is WorldWide Live’s patent-pending disruptive technology that turns smart phones into broadcast-capable high-definition cameras that can feed live iWitness News to the world.MyL!VE App™ activates any smart phone so you can become an iWitness Reporter and send live video directly to TV stations, networks, and online news services.(Designed by our technology partner Beckon Delve)

Customized Software Solutions

We create software solutions to transform internal operations

We are on a mission to help run businesses with a streamlined workflow. Our software developers do not leave any stone unturned to provide your business with a fully-equipped software solution. Our developed solutions offer complete technical backing to all business processes.

Mobile App Developers

We handle the process from concept to deployment for all mobile app projects. All project components are managed by the appropriate expert from Native Mobile iOS / Android coding to wireframing, graphic design, project management testing and app store approvals.

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Web App Developers

Our web app developers create highly responsive data-driven applications. The team from our Vancouver head office will guide each customer through the wireframe and design process, to create a quality bug-free web application designed for continual use.

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UI/UX Designers

Building high-quality software applications is only half of the job. We also build a creative and modern User Experience in every application. We are able to provide the full design process from concept to wireframe, and full graphic design for your software.

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